If you are an overseas distributor

1. If you need to quickly find a reliable supplier that matches your product strategy, please contact us;

2. If you need a stable supply chain system and management methods, please contact us;

3. If you need to ensure that the supply chain continues to reduce costs and increase efficiency, please contact us;

4. If you need to layout and develop new products in advance, please contact us;

5. If you need to introduce your brand into the Chinese market, please contact us.

What can we do for you?

1. Save 80% of supply chain establishment time;

2. Saving 8-10 per cent of direct sourcing costs compared to your direct sourcing;

3. Reduce 50% of supply chain stability risk;

4. Improve 70% new product layout speed;

5. Increase the speed of entering the Chinese market by more than 1 times.