Operation Table

  • Two-Function Operating Table DST-2-2

    Two-Function Operating Table DST-2-2

    Our two-function surgical table is a highly cost-effective solution for hospitals seeking top-quality medical equipment. With its versatility, precise positioning, patient comfort, and safety features, enhanced workflow, and durability, it proves to be an asset to any medical facility. Choose our surgical table to experience the perfect balance of affordability and excellence in medical equipment. Contact our foreign trade company today to discuss your specific requirements and benefit from our expertise in delivering exceptional surgical tables to hospitals worldwide.

  • One-Function Operating Table DST-2-1

    One-Function Operating Table DST-2-1

    Our operating room beds feature silent electrohydraulic movement and can be easily positioned to suit a patient’s needs. The tables are equipped with a 180-degree rotating tabletop allowing surgeons full access while sitting. A handled remote control is included with the operating room bed and the table can be positioned with the touch of a button. A safety lock is also included to prevent accidental motion and an optional return-to-level function is available as well. Additionally, the entire table is mobile on four anti-static castors and can be swiftly transported from one location to another. When in use, a wheel-lock system can be activated to hold the surgical table securely in place.