How suction machine works?

The Electric Suction Apparatus is a mobile suction apparatus developed from similar products and equipped with a new generation oil-free negative pressure pump. An electric suction apparatus is applicable for the suction of purulence and viscosity fluid. It is not applicable for other uses and is used by non-medical staff.

▶Piston-driven vacuum pump assures steam-free and lubrication-free, which prevents bacterial contamination.
▶ Hand-switch and foot-switch for operating easily.
▶ Vacuum adjustment system can be adjusted if required.
▶ Working rationale(Figure 1).

suction machine5


1. High vacuum, high flow
2. Input power:180VA
3. Power Supply:

□AC120V±10%   □AC220V±10%   □AC230V±10%

□50Hz±2%       □60Hz±2%

4. Max vacuum:≥80 kPa
5.Sound Level:≤60dB(A)
6. Adjustable vacuum range:20 kPa~Max vacuum
7.Max airflow:□≥20L/min(760mmHg) □≥30L/min(760mmHg)
8.Suction bottle(glass):2500ml/bottle, 2 bottles in a group

suction machine3
suction machine
suction machine4

Post time: Dec-28-2023