How to choose an electric wheelchair that suits you?

First of all, consider that electric wheelchairs serve users, and each user's situation is different. It is necessary to start from the user's perspective and make a comprehensive and detailed assessment based on the user's physical awareness, height and weight and other basic data, daily needs, accessibility of the use environment and special surrounding factors, etc., in order to make an effective selection and gradually subtract. , until you choose the right car.

The seat back height and seat width of each electric wheelchair are different. The recommended selection method is for the user to sit on the electric wheelchair, with the knees not hooked and the lower legs naturally lowered, forming a 90° right angle, which is most suitable. The width of the seat surface is the widest position of the hips, plus 1-2cm on the left and right sides. most suitable. If the user's sitting posture is slightly high with the knees, the legs will be curled up, which makes it very uncomfortable to sit for a long time. If the seat surface is narrow, the sitting surface will be crowded and wide. Sitting for a long time will cause secondary deformation of the spine. harm.

The weight of the user should also be taken into consideration. If the weight is large, it is best to choose a high-power motor. Is it better to choose a turbine worm motor or a brushless motor? The author recommends: If you are light in weight and the road is flat, brushless motors are more cost-effective. If you are overweight, the road conditions are not very good, and you need to drive long distances, it is recommended to choose a worm gear motor.

The simplest way to test the power of the motor is to climb the hill to test whether the motor is easy or slightly difficult. Try not to choose a motor for a small horse-drawn cart. Many fault problems will occur later. If the user is on a mountainous road, a worm motor is recommended.

The battery life of electric wheelchairs is also a concern for many users. It is necessary to understand the properties of the battery and the AH capacity. If the product description is about 25 kilometers, it is recommended to budget the battery life to about 20 kilometers, because the test environment and the actual use environment will be very different. , the battery life will be slightly shorter in winter. Try not to drive an electric wheelchair out in the coldest time. It will cause great damage to the battery and is irreversible.

Secondly, most will consider portability, whether the weight can be carried by one person, whether it can be put into the trunk of a car, whether it can enter the elevator, and whether it can be boarded. These factors that need to be paid attention to are the wheelchair material, folding degree, weight, and battery. Properties and capacity, etc.

If you do not consider these factors, the choice will be wider, but you need to pay attention to the overall width of the electric wheelchair. Some families have special doorways, so be sure to measure the distance. The width of most electric wheelchairs is around 63cm, and some have achieved this. Within 60cm. Measuring the distance will avoid some embarrassment after Xiti returns home.

When purchasing an electric wheelchair, you must consider after-sales issues. Please read the instructions, warranty terms and time carefully.

Recommend a new carbon fiber electric wheelchair

190W * 2 brushless Motor
5.2AH Lithium
Produkt modell
360 ° LCD Joystick importieren
ABS Elektro magnetische Brems anlage
Kohle faser + Aluminium
Max Laden
Size (falten)
Size (entfalten)
Umgekehrte Geschwindigkeit
0-6 km/h
12 Zoll (Luftreifen)

Electric Wheelchair


Post time: Dec-08-2023