Which wheelchair is easiest to push?

Travel wheelchair chairs are one of the easiest wheelchair types to push.

Travel wheelchair chairs are specifically designed to be pushed by a companion, and both rely on a lightweight frame, simple construction, and narrow seat to make them easier to maneuver while pushing.

1. Main uses
a. For indoor use, it is light, easy to operate, and easy to store.
b. Easy to carry when traveling.

2. Function introduction
1. The seat cushion is equipped with a high tensile lining and will not deform;
2. Armrest folding back mechanism, imported accessories;
3. Flexible expansion and light operation;
4. The back tube is smaller after folding, making it easy to store and carry out. Can be carried in a bag;
5. Interlocking brakes can be done calmly, even when going up or downhill.

3. Product advantages
Get rid of the bulky appearance of traditional wheelchairs and achieve the most lightweight while ensuring extremely high safety performance;
Lightweight X bracket, dual realization of folding, and lighter weight of the entire vehicle;

4. Product introduction
Product Name: Manual Wheelchair
Material: High-strength carbon steel
Net Weight: 12.5KG
Max Loading: 110KG
Color: Black /Customized Color
Gross Weight:14.5KG
Front Wheel:8inch(solid)
Rear Wheel:12inch(solid)
Wheelchair Length:104cm
Logo: 60cm
Wheelchair Width: 67*31*72cm
Warranty:24 Months

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Post time: Dec-28-2023