Three Shanks Luxury Manual Hospital Bed GHB6

Three Shanks Luxury Manual Hospital Bed GHB6

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Technical Specifications:
1 set of bed head
ABS hidden handle screw 3 sets
4 infusion sockets
One set of European style four small guardrails
1 set of luxury central control wheel
Backrest: 0-75 ±5° Legs: 0-35 ±5°
Certificate: CE
Sample packaging specifications: 2180mm*1060mm*500mm
Carton Size: 2290mm*1080mm*680mm

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Our Adjustable Manual Hospital Bed offers the perfect solution for healthcare facilities. Designed with precision and manufactured using high-quality materials, this bed is specifically engineered to provide utmost comfort, durability, and convenience.

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1. Three Height-Angle Adjustment: Our Adjustable Manual Hospital Bed offers three height-angle adjustment options, allowing healthcare professionals to customize the bed's position according to the patient's specific requirements. This feature ensures optimal comfort and ease of use, enhancing the overall patient care experience.

2. High-Strength Engineering Plastic Injection-Molded Headboard and Tailboard: The headboard and tailboard of our manual hospital bed are made from high-strength engineering plastic, offering superior strength and durability. The injection-molded manufacturing process ensures precise design and construction, making the bed resistant to wear and tear, as well as easy to clean and maintain.

3. Smooth and Easy-to-Clean Surface: The smooth surface of the headboard and tailboard not only adds an elegant touch but also makes cleaning and disinfection effortless. With hygiene being of utmost importance in healthcare settings, our bed's surface ensures a safe and sanitary environment for patients.

4. High-Quality Cold-Rolled Profile Construction: The entire bed frame is made from high-quality cold-rolled profiles, providing exceptional strength, rigidity, and stability to the entire bed structure. This ensures reliable performance and prevents any unwanted movement or noise, allowing patients to rest undisturbed.

·FUNCTIONS & FEATURES: Fully Bed Offers 3 adjustable functions by the hand crank. Elevation of the Head & Back to 0-75°. Knee rest adjustment 0-35°. Height adjustment: Can be Lowered to 470mm and as High as 790mm excluding the mattress height. 5 Inch aluminum caster wheels with Safety locking system brake pedals for ease movement, even on carpeted surfaces. SIDE RAILS: folds smoothly along the Mattress with safety button click.

·FOAM MATTRESS & IV POLE: Twin 35-inch Waterproof mattress 4-inch mattress included. With 4 sections to adjust to every position. IV Pole with 4 hooks and 2 drainage hooks. Our quality Hospital Beds and Mattress Are Approved and recommended to be used in Hospital or in home care setting.
·The head and foot boards feature an exclusive blend of polypropylene for cleanup and durability.

·SIZE, WEIGHT LIMITS: Overall bed dimensions is 2180 x 1060 x 470/790mm. The limit for safe operation of this bed is 400kgs.
·ASSEMBLY: Most of the bed will be delivered assembled but the side rails and casters will need to be screwed.
·WARRANTY: Hospital bed comes with a one-year product warranty and 10-year warranty for the frame of the bed.

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