Electric Lift Overbed Table – Convenient and Versatile Medical Furniture

Electric Lift Overbed Table – Convenient and Versatile Medical Furniture

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Technical Specifications
Tabletop material: laminate with protective edge
Tabletop dimensions, overall w/d: 760*380mm
Tabletop height, minimum to maximum: 658mm to 1098mm
Height adjustment range: 440mm
Base clearance height: 59mm
G.W./N.W.(kg): 14.6/12.8
Sample packaging specifications: 830mm*450mm*225mm

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Name H tube electric bedside table
Model DJ-DZ-H-00
Scope of application indoor office and home environment
Material plastic/sheet metal (iron)/particle board
Bearing capacity 50KG
Height adjustment range (MM) 658~1098
Dimensions (MM) 780*385*765
Packing size (MM) 830*450*225
Net weight/gross weight (KG) 12.8/14.6


Introducing our Electric Lift Overbed Table, a versatile and essential piece of medical furniture designed to enhance comfort and convenience for low-end customers in Asia, North America, Europe, and other regions. This innovative table is primarily used in hospitals, nursing centers, nursing homes, and home offices, catering to various needs in the medical industry.

With its electric lift feature, this overbed table offers effortless height adjustment, allowing for optimal positioning and customization according to individual requirements. Whether it's for patients needing a surface for meals, work, or leisure activities, our Electric Lift Overbed Table ensures easy accessibility without compromising on functionality.

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Seamless Electric Lift: The electric lift mechanism ensures smooth and noiseless height adjustment, providing a comfortable experience for users.
Enhanced Versatility: This table's multi-purpose design makes it suitable for hospitals, nursing centers, nursing homes, and home offices, catering to different environments and needs.
Convenient Accessibility: The adjustable height feature accommodates patients of various sizes, enabling them to comfortably perform daily activities from the comfort of their bed.
Improved Mobility: Equipped with wheels, the overbed table can be easily moved and repositioned whenever required, providing flexibility and convenience.
Sturdy and Durable: Crafted with high-quality materials, this table offers stability and durability for long-term use, ensuring reliable support for patients.


1. Electric lift mechanism for effortless height adjustment.
2. Spacious tabletop for ample surface area.
3. Integrated wheels for easy mobility and maneuverability.
4. Sturdy construction for stability and durability.
5. The sleek and modern design blends seamlessly with any decor.
6. Easy to clean and maintain, promoting proper hygiene.
Invest in our Electric Lift Overbed Table to provide a practical and convenient solution for patients, enhancing their comfort and overall experience. With its superior features, seamless electric lift mechanism, and versatile design, this table is an ideal choice for the medical industry. Order now to transform the patient experience!

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1. Question : What is the warranty on the electrical part of this?
Answer : All our products are covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty – effective from the date of purchase.
2. Question : What is the maximum height it can adjust?
Answer : 658~1098mm
3. Question : Do the wheels lock?
Answer: The Electric Overbed Table comes with 4 locking wheels
4. Question : Is there a tilt stopper on the top front edge?
Answer : NO
5. Question : In case of power failure can the table be manually height adjusted?
Answer : the table works only when connected to a power source. You will not be able to adjust the height in case of power failure.

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