Hospital Eletrical Overbed Table DJ-DZ-A-00

Hospital Eletrical Overbed Table DJ-DZ-A-00

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Technical Specifications
Tabletop material: laminate with protective edge
Tabletop dimensions, overall w/d: 760mm*380mm
Tabletop height, minimum to maximum: 658mm to 1098mm
Height adjustment range: 440mm
Base clearance height: 60.5mm
G.W./N.W. (kg): 16.15/14.35
Sample packaging specifications: 830mm*450mm*225mm

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These state-of-the-art tables offer a versatile and efficient solution for individuals who are bedridden or have limited mobility.



Our electrical overbed tables allow patients to raise or lower the table to their desired height with ease. With the ability to adjust the height, electrical overbed tables allow patients to carry out various activities from the comfort of their beds, promoting independence and improving their overall well-being. Our electrical overbed table typically features a sturdy frame, which can be easily maneuvered and locked into place. Our tables are designed to accommodate the unique needs of patients, with features such as raised edges and tilt mechanisms ensuring items stay secure and accessible.



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Electrical overbed tables are motorized height adjustment feature. Patients can effortlessly raise or lower the tabletop to their desired height, allowing them to comfortably eat, read, write, or engage in various activities without straining their muscles or compromising their posture. This adjustable feature eliminates the need for transferring to a separate table or rearranging furniture to accommodate their needs.

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What warranty do your products have?
* We provide a standard 1 year warranty, optional to be increased.
* 1% free parts of the total quantity will be provided together with goods.
* The product that is damaged or fails due to the manufacturing problem within one year after the purchasing date will gain free spare parts and assembling drawings from the company.
* Beyond the maintenance period, we will charge the accessories, but the technical service is still free.
What is your delivery time?
*Our standard delivery time is 35 days.
Do you offer OEM service?
*Yes, we have a qualified R&D team to carry out customized projects. You just need to provide us with your own specifications.
What is the weight capacity of the table?
*The table has a maximum weight capacity of 55lbs.
Can the table be used on any side of the bed?
*Yes, the table can be placed on either side of the bed.
Does the table have locking wheels?
*Yes, it comes with 4 locking wheels.

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